Palestine: a Beautiful Place in the Middle East

Palestine is beautiful. It’s beautiful because it has beautiful scenery, beautiful people, and beautiful natural resources. Palestinians are known for their warmth, hospitality, and generosity. The country itself is surrounded by Jordan on the east side, Egypt on the south side, Israel on the west side and Lebanon to the north of Palestine. If you want to visit this beautiful place in the Middle East then get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Cave of Elijah – beautiful natural attraction that offers beautiful scenery that is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors. The cave itself used to be a church but today it’s now an Islamic shrine. It’s believed by many Muslims across Palestine as well as Lebanon, Syria and Jordan where he was born, raised and lived until his death at the age of over 100 years old (he died on Mount Nebo). Jesus Christ has visited this place when he went up from Jericho to Jerusalem before entering into Jerusalem through Bethlehem around 33 AD. This holy site is also considered sacred by Christians since Jesus visited here once.

Old City of Jerusalem – beautiful place to visit that’s been a popular destination for thousands of years. It offers beautiful architecture dating from the fourth century BC until the twentieth century AD, which you can see in its churches and mosques as well as other historical sites such as ancient market places. The city itself has over thirty holy sites including two Muslim shrines – Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of Rock – where Mohammed was believed to have ascended into heaven on his steed Buraq after leading prayers there during Ramadan around 620 AD. This mosque incidentally is managed by Jordan since 1967 but Israel claims it because Jews believe this also marks Solomon Temple (where Abraham took Isaac up Mount Moriah)  and the site of First and Second Temples.

Haram al-Sharif – beautiful place to visit with beautiful architecture dating back to the Mamluks who ruled here in 1250 AD for over two hundred years. It has beautiful buildings including Al Aqsa Mosque, Dome of Rock and Qubbat al-Sakhra (the golden dome) as well as beautiful towers called minarets that are found around its perimeter. The mosque is managed by Jordan since 1967 but Israel claims it because they believe this marks Solomon Temple where Abraham took his son up Mount Moriah; Jews also claim this site due to ancient Jewish Temples being built on it about 2000 BC until 70 AD when Roman Emperor Titus destroyed them after destroying Jerusalem itself which led him killing more than 50,000 people.

King David’s Tomb – beautiful natural attraction that’s considered beautiful by many people who visit the country. It lies about 800 meters south of Jerusalem and is believed to be where King David is buried, even though his son Solomon is usually associated with this beautiful place in Palestine since he was a very spiritual person and famous for building temples (the First Temple built from 950 BC until around 970 BC) as well as being called Jedidiah meaning “beloved of Yahweh” while young; second temple which replaced it after it fell into ruin due to neglect during Hellenistic rule was completed around 530 BC but destroyed once again in 70 AD when Roman Emperor Titus sacked Jerusalem thus ending Jewish sovereignty over their beautiful land.