What Not to Do When Traveling

What Not to Do When Traveling

Traveling should be an exciting experience for you. You get to meet new people, visit new places, and learn a lot when traveling. However, all these could be a mirage if you engage in or entertain certain behaviors that will ruin the entire experience. Identifying the potential things to avoid in your next traveling experience is essential.

Lacking an Alternative Plan

You will often plan your travel and hope everything goes according to the plan. However, this is always not the case. You will find that some of the items in your travel plan do not fall into place. For example, bad weather may cause your scheduled flight to be re-scheduled. And this may affect your entire travel itinerary. 

Having an alternative plan or plan B is crucial when traveling. It allows you to deal with abrupt or unintended issues such as flight cancellations. In your alternatives, you may decide to use road or rail transport instead of waiting until the weather is good to have your flight. Always have an alternative plan to avoid unnecessary disruptions and problems.

Take Pictures Without Permission

The thrill of traveling and seeing new things and people will tend to push you to want to take photos or record video clips for memory. Pictures and video clips are good when traveling as they will remind you of your travel experiences for many years. However, please don’t assume that everybody will be okay when you take photos without their permission.

Taking photos without permission could attract hostile treatment from the locals. The local people may consider your behavior as being rude and hence treat you with hostility. In some cases, taking photos of some protected sites may cause you to be arrested and even charged for breaking the local laws.

Ignoring Local Culture

Never ignore the culture of the people in the places you visit. The local people expect that their visitors will be respectful of their cultures. You will likely face adverse treatment if you ignore the local culture. If you live in an Islamic country with strict Sharia laws, never forget or challenge the local sharia laws and customs for your safety.


There are many things to avoid when traveling. Therefore, research extensively based on your travel destinations to know the dos and don’ts. That way, you will ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.…